Has Your Joomla Site Been Hacked?

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Has Your Joomla Website Been Hacked or Targeted By Malware?

We Can Help Restore Your Site

If your website has been hacked, infected or just plain 'broken', please make contact with us immediately. In most cases, we can start to work on getting your site back online the same business day.

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Why Are Joomla Websites Hacked?

Joomla website support & maintenanceIt's an unfortunate fact of life that websites are constantly being scoured and are targeted by hackers. It does not matter what platform or type of website you have, one day you will find your site has been compromised. Any websites that exists, whether a large corporate site or that of a small business, is under threat from a malicious attack. There is a constant battle between hackers trying to break into the source code and compromise websites and the developers who try and stay one step ahead and keep them at bay. This is nothing new, just a reality of the world wide web and websites in general. If this does happen to you and your business, there is every chance we can find and remove the code or files and get your site back up and running again.

What Next? How To Prevent Your Joomla Site From Being Hacked

We can help you implement the following measures to prevent hacking of your Joomla website. In the event of hacking, the next most important thing is putting measures in place these basic measures to ensure it does not happen again.

1. Keep your Joomla core and Extensions up to date.
2. Do not use extensions which are on the VEL (unless subsequently patched).
3. Use reliable, properly-configured hosting.
4. Make sure that all files and folders have the correct permissions and ownership.
5. Make sure that your users' permissions are enough for your needs and no more.
6. Secure your /administrator area (e.g. URL masking, 2-Factor Authentication for admin access, .htaccess, etc)
7. Consider using security/web-firewall extensions

See also our article on protecting your website that provides more comprehensive information on guarding your site against hacking - click here to view the full article

If your website has been compromised or hacked, please make contact with us immediately - Telephone or Email

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